Start a Blog to Become a Successful Entrepreneur (Zero to Millionaire)

Blogging is one of the easiest and low investment profitable virtual business, that everyone can do even if you don't have any technical knowledge about programming. It requires only your time, creative writing skills without grammar or spelling mistakes, and little knowledge about search engine optimization. If you have these three, then you can enter into the blogging industry. The main advantage of blogging is, you can handle your blog yourself without seeking help from any paid agencies.

What is a Blog?


A blog is an information-sharing website regularly updated by the author with articles, images, videos, etc. Nowadays, blogs used for business purposes and personal use.

Personal Blogging

On a personal blog, you share your view about the topics you choose in a creative way, and it doesn't require any employee or investments because you are the only person who takes full control of your blog.

Business Blogging

On a business blog, you will work with a group of people to promote a product or service, so you will follow specific rules which is framed by the company.

I recommend you to choose personal blogging if you are looking to start your virtual business from scratch and without investments.

How to start a Blog?

Niche Selection

The blogging industry is the broader market; you can't focus on everything on the Internet. So you should pick a specific area you are familiar with because blogging is the profession for creative writers, so if you choose the broader topics, it will be challenging to write about unknown issues.

Choose a Brand Name

Before creating a blog, choosing an attractive brand name for your blog is the most important thing. It will make the readers remember the name of your blog and cause them to revisit. So choose a name which is short and sweet to hear.

Blogging Platform

There are many platforms available to create a blog without any programming skills. But the most popular platforms are and WordPress.


If you are a newbie in the blogging industry and don't have any idea about blog designing, then the platform is the right choice for you. Default templates are available in it, so choose any model you like from it and create a blog without struggle and you can drag and drop the widgets according to your designing ideas. Many tutorial videos are available on YouTube about creating a blog on the blogger platform, so watch any one of it and quickly set up the blog.


This platform will be suitable for a business blog or professional bloggers who have good knowledge about blogging. Because the WordPress platform will be a little difficult to learn and handle as a newbie blogger, there are many WordPress hosting websites available on the Internet; choose a hosting plan that will suit you to create your blog. Example websites are Bluehost, Siteground, Hostgator, etc.

Content Creation


Content plays a significant role in a blog; excellent writings will gain reputation, and poorly written wrong articles may affect your blog's entire growth. A good reader only can be a good author, so keep this in mind and read the latest information on the Internet about the niche you choose and keep yourself updated on the specific area so that you can create rich content without any lag.

Avoid Writing Mistakes

Spelling and grammar mistakes are the common mistakes everyone makes when we write an article. You should pay extra attention to it to avoid these errors because the readers who visit your blog will get confused and exit the blog soon. Show your full skills and put the maximum effort into creating fantastic content when writing an article.

Use Apps or Tools to identify unknown mistakes in your article. I am using Grammarly's application to identify errors in my writing. I recommend you to use it because it is the most potent error identifier to find and correct all the mistakes.

Relevant content

Choose a topic, and continue without distraction until finish the article, don't write or include unnecessary or irrelevant images because it will make readers annoying and disappointing.


Write original content without doing copy and paste from other blogs. Duplicate contents will affect your entire blog presence on the search engine because it will appear like a spam site.

Words Count

Try to write a detailed article for the topic which you pick with more than 2000+ words because search engines don't like thin content articles with fewer words, and readers will get only limited information so that readers will leave the blog soon.

Insert Images and Videos

As a blogger, you have to concentrate on making the viewers stay on the blog for a long time. Only writing paragraphs does not make them stay; insert at least relevant images 2 or 3, and if you think adding a video can make readers more engaging, then do it.



Interlink the old articles with the relevant new article on your blog. It makes users to profoundly engage on your blog and encourage them to read other articles.

Search Engine Listing

People will not know about your blog if you did not list it on the search engine. So after creating quality content, List your blog on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These three search engines are the major search engines with huge users, which helps your blog get more traffic; it will crawl the articles from your blog and give as search results to its users.

Each blogger's dream is to make their written articles come up as the first search result in Google than any other search engine because it has a higher user base. So you should give full concentration for Google optimization to get more readers.

Catchy Post Title with Keyword

Create impressive titles for the contents you write; the title should look attractive on Google because Google will list only ten search results on the first page. Many other competitive blogs will also publish content related to your topic, so catchy title with focus keyword will play a significant role in impressing the viewers and making them visit your blog.

What is keyword?

The keyword is a word that describes the entire article. When a user enters a keyword on the Google search engine, Google will list the quality articles relevant to that keyword.

Keywords with less than three words are known as short tail keywords, and greater than three words are long tail keyword.

Focus on long-tail keywords, because short keywords will have higher competition, similar keywords will present on many sites. So do keyword research and pick keywords, which is with low competition to become a successful blogger.

Update Blog

Frequently update the blog, at least one or two articles per week. Without readers, a blog does not make any money, so we should creatively deliver the best exciting content often. It will gain new followers and make the existing followers follow your blog without forgetting the brand name, and it will increase new posts crawling speed on Google, so your newly updated posts will get listed on it faster.

Build Backlinks

Backlink building is the second important thing you should do after content creation. Without backlinks, search engines can't identify and recognize your blog, so it does not generate any traffic.


What is a backlink?

An external link coming from a website or blog is known as a backlink. If a website adds another blog link on its home page or other pages, it will get considered as a backlink.

Domain and Page Authority

Search engines will prioritize the contents from the well-established sites because they will have high domain and page authority. To compete with those websites, you need to build domain and page authority for your blog.

Domain authority is a ranking system that shows the quality of your blog's domain and shows how well your domain name will perform in search results.

Page authority indicates the quality of the blog's pages and lets us know how blog pages will perform.

Sites domain and page authority rank will be starts from 0 to 100; getting DA 25 is smooth for a blog, but building more than DA 25 is difficult, and it needs a lot of hard work. Backlinks coming from good authority sites will increase your blog's authority and improve your blog's search visibility on Google. So try to enhance domain and page authority to get success faster. Check your Domain authority on

Other Factors to Increase DA & PA

1. Promote Your Blog: Share the URL of your blog posts to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

2. Domain Age: Google pays attention to old domains, so wait for your blog domain to become an aged domain to gain authority.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow

These two are the most important things you shouldn't avoid while building backlinks. Backlinks that come from relevant high authority sites will increase the Trust flow rank of your blog. And citation flow will increase when the total number of backlinks of your blog increases. Balance both trust flow and citation flow rank at the same level as much as possible; if any one of it varies with a big difference, then it may affect your blog's growth.

Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow is an HTML tag that indicates Google to consider the URL for ranking. Nofollow HTML tag suggests that Google should skip that URL when considering it for ranking, so it does not pass any link juice.

Good Backlinks

Building a hundred or thousands of backlinks blindly from different websites doesn't improve your blog's ranking. Instead of it, few good dofollow backlinks from high authority sites will boost your blog's performance on Google.

Low quality Backlinks

Links from low authority sites, other language sites, and spam sites will destroy your blog. So carefully build the backlinks when you do it.

Follow Natural Backlink Building Techniques 

Building more backlinks on the same day will look like unnatural links. Google hates unnatural backlinks, so if Google identifies any scam, then it will consider your blog as spam, and it will take months or years to come out of that penalty. So don't build more than one backlink in a day.

Guest Posting: Request high authority sites for writing guest posts on it and request a dofollow backlink from those articles. It is one of the most natural and efficient ways to build backlinks.

Don't build only dofollow backlinks without nofollow links; if you don't have any nofollow backlinks, it will appear like unnatural backlinks, so make both nofollow and dofollow links in a mixed order.

Monetize Your Blog


As an entrepreneur, you should set up the blog in different ways to generate more money. Blogging industry has made many millionaires from past to till now. You can also achieve that success if you have more traffic to your blog, so give importance to increase traffic and utilize that traffic to make money.

Affiliate Marketing

You do not require your blog to meet any criteria to add affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money using your blog traffic. Choose a product related to your niche, write beautifully detailed content, and insert the affiliate link to promote it. You will receive commission money for each sale done from that link you placed on your blog.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Placing PPC ads on your blog is another way to generate money. PPC digital advertising companies will give HTML codes of the advertisements to put it on your blog; they will pay you for each click comes from the readers. For more money, you need to choose the highest paying PPC company, because most of the companies will give less money for each click.

Google Adsense: I recommend you try Adsense because it is a genuine service owned by Google and pays decent money for each click.

Email Marketing

Make visitors of your blog as your subscribers; this is one of the powerful ways to connect your readers with your blog. Using email marketing, you can promote the services you do, and subscribers will get the latest updates coming from your blog. You can at least make 4$ per five subscribers in a month so that email marketing will work as a revenue booster for your blog.

Write an Ebook and Sell it.

After gaining some constant readers to your blog, you can write an ebook with the information that readers are eager to learn. Then you can promote it on your blog and sell it. So you can make an additional income by selling your ebook.

Final Words

Blogging needs patience; you can't become a millionaire in a single day in the blogging industry. Work with focus and perseverance, success will reach you soon.

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