Zero Budget Based Virtual Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Business success depends on how well you are implementing marketing strategies to impress people. Big corporate companies will spend millions of dollars on virtual marketing. But many startups will face budget problems in their initial stages to market their services because paid advertising will not be an affordable one for them to advertise their business. It does not mean that you cannot succeed in the industry without investing money for marketing; you can succeed in virtual business without spending a single penny. I share some zero budget marketing ideas to promote the business to run it successfully on this blog post.

Create a Blog

Blog plays a vital role in business promotion, and most of the booming online businesses will have a blog to promote their business because it is the easiest and cost-effective way to get customers from the search engine. Big corporates will recruit highly skilled employees to update the blog with attractive information. But with zero budget, you can do a blog like an established company even without spending any money; for that, you should write yourself instead of recruiting someone. Just spend some hours in a day to create beautiful blog posts; it will grow your business with reputation.

Follow SEO Fundamentals

The search engine will give traffic if you optimize your blog by following the SEO rules properly. Gain SEO knowledge and apply it to your blog; it will increase the posts' exposure on search engine and leads to produce more customers.

Why is SEO essential for your blog?

A blog which is not optimized for SEO will not produce traffic, and the search engine will not give any priority for your blog. So SEO is an important one you should do when you use a blog or website for virtual marketing.

Important SEO topics You Should Learn.
1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO

Use Quora for Marketing

Quora is a popular platform for asking questions and answering the questions that other users ask; it is getting millions of traffic every month, so you can utilize the Quora platform for getting traffic to your website and for marketing your business. You can see almost all topics on Quora, so Quora will be more suitable for you to pick your business niche topics and to interact on it.

1. Create an excellent Quora profile by adding your business details and add your social media and website links on it, so when users visit your profile page, they will get attracted to your business and may visit your website.

2. Find related topic questions about your business on Quora and give detailed and well-explained answers often. If your Quora answer correlates to your blog content, then link the blog post URL with your answer.

3. Choose high user engaging topics and ask it as questions which are related to your business. Your interaction on Quora will produce traffic and also market your business.

So use Quora, it will be a useful platform for you to promote the business virtually with zero budget.

Guest Blogging

A blog post which is written by a guest is known as guest blogging. Guest blogging is another most effective way which works well to market your business. Find the popular blogs which match your brand and request those blogs to accept your contribution as a guest blogger.

Write a quality based guest post about your company or product and add your website or blog URL as anchor text inside the blog post. The readers or followers of those blogs will come to know about your product or services when they read your guest posts. So guest blogging is another zero budget marketing idea that you should follow to make your business popular.

Other Benefits of Guest Blogging

1. When you contribute to other blogs, you are getting a chance to introduce your business with other blog followers.

2. Guest blogging will be a useful one for your blog's SEO to build backlinks.

3. When you do guest posts, you are making a good relationship with the blogging community.

Make YouTube Videos

We are adding YouTube in the Zero budget based strategy because it is another powerful platform which can divert more number of  YouTube Viewers to your business as your customers. Target your business category viewers and create likeably quality YouTube videos. Nowadays, many big brands have their own YouTube channel to promote their services using videos, because by using videos, it will be easy for businesses to explain about the services or products visually to attract and connect with new customers.

Creating attractive YouTube videos is a unique skill that you should learn to get customers from the YouTube platform. Just develop the skills and make great YouTube Videos and convert your business as a successful business.

Facebook Page

Facebook is a common platform, which is used by everyone, and it gets more than 2 billion users every month. So Facebook is a good base for business marketing. Create a Facebook page with your brand name and invite your Facebook friends and followers to like the page. And add the Facebook page on your blog or website, by doing that you can grow the followers count gradually, which gives a lead to improve your business. Other than that, you can reach more Facebook users by sharing some interesting contents. If your Facebook posts have some useful information, then people will give likes and share it. So your Facebook page will get good reach, which will help you to promote your business.

Affiliate Program

Several big companies are doing affiliate program to market their products, especially eCommerce websites because affiliate marketing will work well amongst internet users. So, start an affiliate program for your business which will encourage other blog or website owners to market your product.

Use popular forum sites.

Just like Quora you can find many popular forum sites on the internet. Create an account on those forums with your brand name and start giving your quality answers for the questions asked on it. So your brand name will spread on the internet quickly. If those forums allow you to add the URL, then add your website or blog post URL along with the answers.

Other Important Social Media Platforms

You can also try other successful social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Mix, Pinterest etc. these sites will be useful for virtual marketing and to build brand awareness.

Final Words

Getting success through Virtual marketing with zero budget is possible. But it needs good skills to follow all the strategies together as solely. Develop your virtual marketing skills and work hard with patience to reach success. 

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