12 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks, You Might not Know About

WhatsApp is updating and improving day by day. Since its launch, many new features have been added with each update. It is one of the most popular messaging application owned by Facebook with approximately 2 billion monthly users. Though the application is very simple to use and user-friendly, there are few tips and tricks you must know about.

1. Change font

Did you know, you can write in bold, italics and even strike by using a simple trick.

  1. *Bold* = Bold 
  2. _Italics_ = Italics 
  3. ~Strike~ = Strike 
  4. *_Bold and Italics_* = Bold and Italics 

2. Unblock yourself from anyone’s WhatsApp account

If someone has blocked you, you can simply delete your WhatsApp account and uninstall the application. After that go to play store and install WhatsApp again. Sign up with the same number and you will be unblocked.

3. Check if you are blocked

At times when you are unable to send messages to someone and not sure if you are blocked, there is a way to find that. Try creating a group with this one person only, if the group is created and this person is not added as the participant then you are blocked.

4. Do not show WhatsApp images in the camera roll

WhatsApp images create the mess in our camera roll or phone gallery. If you do not want your WhatsApp images to be shown in your gallery, you just need to follow simple steps:

-          Open file manager
-          Navigate to internal memory or sd card
-          In Sd card, go to WhatsApp>> media
-          Create a new folder there with the name .nomedia
-          This will prohibit images showing in gallery however you can view them under recent media.

For iOS, navigate to WhatsApp settings>> Privacy >> photos and toggle off WhatsApp

5. Restore deleted messages

If you have deleted your old messages and want to read them back, WhatsApp has a way for you. WhatsApp backups your data every day. If you have deleted the message, simply uninstall the application and re-install. It will give you the option to restore from back up. This restores your chat from last seven days.

6. Clear storage space

WhatsApp has this great feature of showing how much storage is utilized by each individual and group chat. You simply need to navigate to Settings>> Data and storage usage>> Storage usage. You can take back up of important data and delete the chat to free up space.

7. Export chats

WhatsApp has this export chat feature which allows you to export the chat conversation to your email or your computer.

-          Select and open the chat conversation to export.
-          Tap the three dots on the upper right corner
-          Hit more
-          Click on export chat and follow procedure.

8. Share location

You can share your location as well as live location with your friends and groups. This feature allows you to share your location for 15 minutes, an hour and eight hours.

9. Read unread

WhatsApp has the feature to unread the already read messages. In case you want to reply to the message later, you can tap on chat conversation and mark as unread.

10. Chat Shortcuts to the home screen

You can create chat shortcuts for your WhatsApp contacts. Hold and press the chat, click on the three dots and hit “Add chat shortcut”.

11. Tag user in the group

You can tag existing users in the group by using @ symbol and their contact name. Even If the group conversation is muted, tagged users will be notified.

12. GBWhatsApp

If you want to customize your WhatsApp more than this, you must try this app. This allows customization to color, themes, and many more feature.

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