5 Best Ways to Improve Your Website Ranking

Ranking top in search engines is the struggle of every website owner. We want our visibility to increase on Google and we are always looking for ways to achieve this. Your website ranking is totally dependent on you. Ranking of your website is on your hands and this is good news. You can always work hard to increase the ranking and your visibility.


Relevant content

Content is the ruler. The first and foremost thing to do is to create a quality content for your website. The more authentic, new and useful content you will post, the more helpful it will be for the authority and relevance of your website.

Try thinking about how your viewers will search for this thing on Google like “Improve your website ranking”. This is called as keyword and once you have identified your keyword, try using it few times in your blog. Focus on knowledge and writing style and write for your viewers, not for the ranking.

Metadata description

Metadata is the information you are sending to google about your page. It should be a short and relevant description of your page.

Title: Title of the metadata is the headline of your page visible on Search engine. Description: This is the description of your page which search engine will use to return to your website. The description should be relevant and precise. It should encourage people to view your page. It should be approximately 18-20 words long.

      Keyword: Adding a keyword to your metadata is just another plus point. No worries if you do not add a keyword to metadata.


Working on the external and internal link is a must for the ranking of your website.

We often ignore the broken links which result in decreasing the authority and rank of our website. Ignoring broken link is the very bad practice. Broken links will give you 404 errors and it should be fixed.

Focus on creating internal external links on your page. This will increase as well as the ranking of the page you are linking to.

Find out mention of your website by setting Google alert and check if mention contains the link of your website or not. If it doesn’t contain link contact the webmaster and get this fixed. This is a very good practice.

Speed optimization

For desktop and mobile, you must optimize and keep improving the speed of your website and pages. Use an optimized image and make sure that the size of the image fits the required image space.

Enable browser caching for your website. This will store cookies of the page in the browser of the user which will load the page faster. For WordPress websites, various plugins are available to achieve this.

Update content

This is not the last step to perform but the main. Everything is changing and by the time there is an update about everything. If you will not update your article after every update, your ranking on the search engine will decrease as the search engine will get fresh and relevant content on other websites.
Updating your content on regular basis tells Google that your site is active, and content is relevant no matter if it is old or new.

We use many tricks to improve our search engine optimization and often take shortcuts as well. Google ranking and optimization is not about shortcuts and requires a lot of effort and time. The focus of webmaster should be on the quality and it will automatically bring the high ranking. All these strategies depend upon Google algorithm which changes time by time and the constant thing is content.

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