Best 100x to 1000x Penny Meme Cryptocurrency Altcoin Gems that can Explode Soon

For the first time, Meme coins came into existence somewhere in 2013. Meme coins are related to social media sarcasm. There is no huge back support for meme coins just like other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies have taken the control of the world. Today there are thousands of meme coins exist. The investor specifically the newbie’s finds it difficult to know which one is best for investment. Below I have provided the list of the top 5 best low-cap- meme coins that have the potential to make a huge impact. Read the article carefully and then decide for yourself and invest in the coins which are best for you.

Doglee (LEE) 

On 4th June 2022, a new meme token with the name of Doglee came into existence. This meme token was evolved on the Binance Smart Chain. In addition, the Doglee (LEE) token is a community-driven meme cryptocurrency. Doglee holders will receive 6% of tokens from each doglee token transaction. Its liquidity is locked for the next five years. So doglee has become one of the best and most trusted low-cap meme cryptocurrency available in the market. Lee is the symbol of Doglee and the total supply of Doglee is one trillion.


How to Buy Doglee?

You can buy Doglee in 4 easy steps,

  • Install Metamask Wallet
  • Add BSC network information on Metamask Wallet
  • Transfer BNB to your Metamask wallet
  • Swap BNB to LEE on Pancakeswap 

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Hoge Finance (HOGE)

Hoge is a meme coin supported by Hoge finance. In October last year, Hoge performed well but the investors have seen a fall in its price since then. Hoge Finance was launched into the market in 2021 as deflationary coins. Hoge focuses on memes as well as charity. Today, Hoge is officially registered in Switzerland and this is the main step for Hoge owners toward a brighter future. Because of its linkage with charity funds, it attracts investors. Hoge coins do not have any kind of developer wallet. Last year in August, the owner claimed that in upcoming years Hoge will be among the top five cryptocurrencies. In order to facilitate and encourage the investors, the developer of Hoge will create a Hoge university. It will be an online university where the user will find information and articles about Hoge. The expert suggests that if you are planning to invest for the long term, then Hoge is a better option. Hoge can make a huge effect somewhere after 2028. Today, a Hoge coin is trading at the price of $0.000050.

Safemoon (SAFEMOON)

Safemoon is also a low-cap meme coin with huge potential. The crypto experts believe that safemoon will explode this year and will surprise the world. However, safemoon is surrounded by controversies. So what will be the price prediction of safemoon? You must know that the crypto market is volatile. There is no guarantee in the crypto market. Anything can happen at any time. Due to pump and dump accusations, the price of safemoon plunged by 50% in just one night. When a safemoon holder sells his holdings, he will be subjected to 10% sale tax. 5% worth of coins will be transferred to safemoon holders wallet. And also, five percent of the price is burned down permanently. This method compels the holder to keep the safemoon with them. This strategy work and will work in the future too. After those pump and dump allegations, there was a 28% drop in safemoon price but since then the price is increasing. Till May 26 the price of safemoon was increased by 197% and the price reached an all-time high of $0.00109. But today its net price is almost $0.00493.

The increase in the price suggests that safemoon is performing well and therefore the experts are optimistic about its future. Safemoon came into existence just one year ago and since then it has performed well in comparison to other coins. People have been asking about the legitimacy of safemoon and they are concerned about it because of its strange selling procedure. However, the owner has made it clear that the only purpose of this procedure is to encourage the buyer to hold the safemoon for the long term.

Mona Coin (Mona)

It is not that famous but it is making good progress in the world of crypto. The crypto experts are optimistic about the future of the Mona coin and they believe that the second half of 2022 will be the time during which it will explode and make wonders. This cryptocurrency is named after a Japanese cat character Mona. Mona coin will explode because it offers more to the investor than the owner. Mona coin benefits the investor more. Due to this specific character, it makes sense that the Mona coin will perform much better in the future than those meme coins that give more to the owner than the investor. Japanese are more interested in the Mona coin. 

Samoyed Coin (SAMO) 

Samoyed coin is named after a dog. Although, this meme coin did not perform well in the early days but after affiliation with Solona it is making some progress. This affiliation has attracted investors to invest in Samoyed coins. Just like The Mona coin, it also gives more preference to its investor. The owner is trying to create a scarcity of Samyoed coins. For this purpose, he has already burnt the coins three times. This will definitely help in the increase of its price. Samo was launched in 2021 for the sole purpose to accelerate the growth of the Solona blockchain. Last year in October it touched its peak price of $0.246 but since then there is a fall in its price. After the fall, Samo is trying hard to recover despite the huge pressure on it. However, it has recovered almost 33%. Its price is once again moving upward. The experts believe that this year Samo cannot make wonders, however, after five years, it may surprise the world. Once again it should be in your mind, that these are only predication and nothing is proven yet. And also there is no guarantee in the crypto world.

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