How to Get More Instagram Followers Organically on Regular Basis

Social media marketing is one of the very powerful measures to help you expand your business and reach the public. Instagram has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. If you are using Instagram to promote your business, it is not bad to take all the advantage you can. Using Instagram and not getting likes and followers is quite disappointing. Everything needs strategy and there are certain things you can do to achieve your goal of increasing your followers. We have summarized some tips and tricks which you can follow to increase your followers: 



Tips and Tricks

1. The first and foremost thing is to post regularly. Remember content is the key and there isn’t any substitute. Creating a post and updating with relevant images on regular basis is the must.

2. Hashtags!!! Use hashtags which are known to increase followers like #Likeforlike, #Instafollow, #Followback, #igdaily, #instaday, etc. This will reach to general people resulting increasing your general followers.

3. Make sure your Bio is complete. Your bio should be attractive to people and should tell about you and your business. You should include contact information, your website link if any, etc.

4. Link with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. and promote your Instagram account. Your audience needs to know what they will get from your page. Let them know about your vision, content, and services.

5. Follow popular hashtags and people who are following these hashtags.

6. Like comment and share posts of your kind of audience. This is an authentic way to connect with people.

7. Consistency is very important. Keep posting regularly and give your followers a reason to visit your page regularly. The more you will be in their feeds, more popular your page will be.

8. Instagram gives you suggestions of the users you can follow. Follow those users and most of the time they will follow you back.

9. Reach out to already popular Instagram pages and ask for a shout out. This generally works in favor for favor way. You do some kind of favor to them and ask for one.

10. Post-mid-week. As per an Instagram study posting on Wednesday keeps your post more engaged than any other day.

11. Use effective filters like the Mayfair filter. This is the most popular filter and influential for marketing.

12. Tag relevant people in your post. This will make your post appear in their feed and chances are high that they will share your post.

13. Guest invites is really an amazing strategy to set up relations. Invite guests to post on your page and you post on others. This will increase your followers and readers.

14. Interact with your followers on regular basis via post and comments.

15. Answer your DMs to increase the trust level with your followers.

16. Put an original caption. Tell your story or what you feel about your post that can make your followers read and re-visit your page.

17. Organize giveaway or some contest for your followers. This is the best way to attract people towards your page. When you give something, you get something in return for sure.

18. Post when your followers are online and try to know what they expect from you. Make a list as per their expectation and work on it.

19. Call to action is a great strategy for marketing. Ask questions like “what you feel about this?” Leave a comment etc.

20. Include word “Comment” in your caption to increase the comments on yours. Like, “comment yes if you agree”. Some researchers claim that this trick really works.

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