How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog Using 5 Easy Steps

You are here means either you have a blog, or you are planning to create one. Your blog is valuable for you or your business but if no one is visiting your blog it is of no use for your business. Here are some strategies with which you can increase traffic or views on your blog.


Strategic content

Your content is your masterpiece. “Content is the king”. This is what we read everywhere. Ever one will tell you to create a quality content, but it is not just about the quality. You must have a great strategy for your content. You need to be more specific with what kind of content will fulfill the need of your audience.

We often write about some current breaking topic, a news or an update. I would suggest you write “evergreen content”. This kind of content will be live and running forever on the web.

As a blogger, you should always create a great blog and without a kickass heading, it is not possible.
The heading of your content is what attracts people at first glance. Do not let your content die behind a shabby heading. Try changing the headings multiple times and see what works.

Keyword selection

Content is a king for sure, but Keyword is the master. When we talk about SEO, it is really impactful when done right. Keyword influences your audience and is answers to the queries of people who search for something on Google. Every blogger should care about the keyword of their content and be proud of it if it is managed well.

A keyword is not just one word in your content, it can be a long-tail keyword. Targeting single word is ok but a long keyword is a great strategy to be at the top. Google suggestion is the best way to identify a tail keyword for your blog. If you are using WordPress, there are easy plugins available like Yoast SEO.

Target your Audience

Promoting your blog is as important as creating one. It is very important to share your content on social networking sites. Google analytics is a great way to find the traffic driven to your website. Once you know your target audience, go and hit them. They are your blog family. Now you do not need to spread your wings to the whole world. Limit yourself to your family and explore together.

Optimization for mobile and web

Optimizing your blog can keep hold of users on your blog. If your website doesn’t load fast, it will just take a back hit for the viewers to go to another blog. No one is going to wait for your blog to load. Do a regular speed check of your blog for mobile and web. Install plugins for your WordPress blog for speed optimization.

Find your friends

You always need friends to go along with. Find the blogs of your Niche who are doing well. Visit them regularly, comment or like. If possible write Guest Post for them and ask for a backlink if possible. This will give a signal to Google about the authority of your website and will increase organic traffic more. Mention them in your own blogs and build a strong positive relationship. Linking to other pages internal and external is important for your blog. This ensures Google that you are not spammer on the web.

Everyone has their own strategy which they develop by experience. Everything takes time and with the correct strategy, it will skyrocket soon.

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