How to Make Your iPhone More Secure With Simple Steps

We are living in the era where we almost lose our breath with the thought of losing our phone. We keep everything in our phone from images to personal documents to the best of our memories. The security of our phone is a serious matter of concern. Though the iPhone is very much secure however taking some extra measures is always helpful.


Alphanumeric passcode

A strong alpha numeric passcode is the first step towards making your device secure. It is suggested to use a combination of alpha-numeric characters to make the password hard to guess. Apart from that face Id or touch Id adds extra security. It creates another shield which is hard to break.

Turn off Lock screen options

Even if you have used a strong passcode the notifications on your lock screen can reveal a lot of sensitive information to someone. You email, message notifications can contain sensitive information about your finance, privacy and private information. Siri is also a way to pass on the information from lock screen. Siri is helpful to you and to someone who got your phone too. To keep your information and data safe you should turn the lock screen notifications off.

To turn it off, navigate to Settings>> Passcode>> Touch I’d and Passcode>> “Allow access when locked” and disable control center and Siri

Turn on two-step verification

To steps verification is an additional layer of security.  With two step verification you can set up trusted device to receive SMS code. After you set up two step verification for apple I’d and iCloud you need to enter your password and 4 digit verification code to verify that you are authentic user.

To set up two step verification

-          Go to
-          Enter your apple I’d
-          Hit password and security
-          And then two step verification

Two-step verification eliminates the chances of your apple I’d been used by someone else.

Data protection

Guess a four-digit passcode is not tough for a thief or hacker. Even after spending some time with your phone they can decode your six-digit passcode. iPhone has this feature of data protection. If this feature is enabled, iPhone will wipe all the data of your device after 10 unsuccessful attempts. iPhone adds an automatic delay in attempts after 4 unsuccessful attempts and increases it further. 

To enable the settings, navigate to settings>> touch I’d and passcode>> scroll down to erase data and turn the feature on.

Turn off browser cookies

Every browser saves some cookies for the websites and leaves it for your device. Cookies basically remember your information and help you keep logged in to the websites. This is helpful in some cases and stress too. Anyone who has access to your phone can access your information with the browser as cookies generally save passwords.

It is recommended to turn off the cookies and it will just cause a little bit of discomfort which is not the big deal to protect your data. To turn off cookies, navigate to Settings>>Safari>> Privacy and security and disable cookies.

Find my phone

This the most important thing you need to do once you own an iPhone. Always make sure that you have enabled “Find my phone”. With this setting enabled you can track your phone if you lose it. With this feature, you can locate your phone on a map and if in case you are unable to find your phone you can wipe data completely.

Cybercrime is increasing day by day and our security is in our hands. Taking a few precautions is always better than a regret later.

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