How to Manually Sync Your iTunes Library to Your iPhone

Working with iOS is not easy and obviously syncing your iTunes to your iPhone is a tricky task. When you normally sync your iPhone, you will end up transferring all the songs of your iTunes to your iPhone. Do you know you can choose the songs you want to add to your iPhone from iTunes?

If you aren’t much familiar with the process let’s start with our checklist quickly.

iTunes software up-to-date

It is always recommended to update the software to the latest version first. With every new update, apple fixes the previous bugs and hence makes it smoother for the users. Generally, iTunes keeps checking the new updates automatically, however, giving a manual effort will count. To check for updates, click on help menu tab and update if any new update is available.

iPhone update

With iTunes, I would suggest updating your iPhone as well to support the latest iTunes without any trouble. It is always suggested to use the latest updated iOS version.

Dock connector

Always use the dock connector which comes with your phone and if due to any reason you have lost it, purchase a new one from apple.


Check the storage availability in your iPhone before transferring the songs.

Steps to sync iPhone and iTunes

1.      Connect your iPhone with the computer using the dock connector
2.      Run your iTunes software.
3.      Navigate to the device section in the left panel.
4.      Select your iPhone by device name.
5.      From the menu click on the summary tab. (you will find this at the top of your iTunes screen)
6.      Enable the manually manage music and videos option.
7.      Save changes by clicking on apply.

After performing above steps your iTunes is now in manual syncing mode. You can now select the songs which you want to transfer to your iPhone.

8.      Go to the library section and click on the Music option from the left panel.
9.      To transfer one song, you can simply drag the song from your iTunes library and drop to the iPhone folder in your system.
10.  To transfer multiple songs, you can use the same traditional way. If you are using windows, select the songs by holding CTRL key and then drag the selected songs together.  If you are using Mac, hold the command key and select your songs.
11.  You can also transfer playlists if you have created in iTunes. The method is same, drag and drops the playlist from iTunes folder to iPhone folder. If you have a lot of songs to transfer, I would suggest creating a playlist in your iTunes first. This would make things easier.

Note: - Do remember that it is a one-way synchronization which means any song which is not in your iTunes will be deleted from your iPhone as well.

If you come across a situation where your iTunes is not syncing with iPhone, do not panic. 
  • Quit iTunes and relaunch. Try manual sync again. 
  • Reboot your iPhone and connect again with the computer. 
Try another dock connector as it could be the issue with the connector. Try any another syncing method like wifi. Create a backup of your iPhone and reset/restore. I wouldn’t suggest doing this at the very first time, however, if you have tried everything and it is not working, go for it. This will definitely resolve it.
If you are not sure about any troubleshooting, you can always contact Apple support to get your problem rectified in the best manner. 

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