How to Use Nametag Feature in Instagram - Tips

Social networking sites are coming with something new in every another update. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are all updating and launching new features. Instagram’s name tag is recently launched and is in talks for quite some time. Instagram is all about following people and this new awesome Name tag feature has made it a lot easier. If you have a business account, this is a great opportunity to promote your Instagram account.


If you are aware of Snapchat Snap codes, this new Instagram feature will be familiar to you. With Nametags, you can simply scan each other’s account and follow them without any words exchanged. With your Nametag, people can easily find your account and follow you. So, the next question that comes in our mind is how this Nametag thing works and where to get one. To get a Nametag, the only requirement is to have an Instagram account.  You do not need to create a Nametag for your Instagram account, you already have one.

Let’s find your Nametag:

- Log in to your account.
- Go to your profile
- Tap on three horizontal lines at the upper right corner
- You will get an option “Nametag”
- Click on “Nametag”

This is your Nametag and at the bottom of the screen, you get an option “Scan a nametag” too. Instagram is well known for filters and emojis. You can personalize your Nametag as per your choice. The Nametag also has background themes of three types:

- Color: You can change the background color of your choice. Just a tap on the screen will change the color.
- Emoji: When you will tap on the screen, you will get the option to select emojis. The emoji you will select will display all over the screen in small frames.
- Selfie: You can take a Selfie of yours with the fun sticker. You can choose a sticker of your choice and its fun again. The sticker which you will choose will appear all over the screen as a background.

Exploring each of the themes is fun. You can simply tap on the screen to explore the options within these options. While going through this feature, I had my fun.

How to Scan Other’s Nametag

Scanning other’s Nametag is also very easy. You can scan other’s Nametag to follow them to have their updates. There are two ways to scan someone’s Nametag:

- Go to Nametag screen (As per above steps)
- Hit Scan a Nametag at the bottom of the screen.
- Start scanning.


- Go to your Insta story
- Take your camera to the Nametag
- Press and hold your screen.

Hurray, it’s done!!!

Nametag for business

This Nametag is not only just fun. This awesome feature has something for your business too. Here are some ideas we would like to suggest.

- Add your Nametag on your website’s About page
- Add Nametag to your blog contact page.
- Use it in Pinterest or your social media
- Add your Nametag to your Email signature.

There can be many more things which you can explore as per your requirement. Sharing Nametag is as easy as scanning or finding your Nametag. Just tap on the Share icon on your Nametag screen and all the possible option will be available. You can share it via WhatsApp, Gmail, text, twitter, etc.

So, what are you waiting for?? Scan Nametag to follow your friends and people. Share your Nametag with your friends and family. Use it on your blog or website to increase followers or viewers.

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