On Page SEO Techniques to Increase your Website Ranking

On page SEO technique is one of the most important processes of search engine optimization. This is the process to optimize each and every page of your website. On page SEO is the key factor to increase the rank of your page in Search Engine Results Page(SERPS).

On Page SEO includes both technical SEO and content of your page. The technical SEO includes your Title, description and web page URL. Here are some important techniques for on-page SEO,


When we talk about SEO, remember that content is the King and rest of the factors are its armies. If your website has a good content, you have already come halfway.

1. Your content should be original including the articles, text, videos.
2. It should be first published on your site. If the content is yours and you have posted it somewhere else before posting on your site, then it will be a bad impression of your site.
3. Your content should always add value to your site. Instead of posting multiple short articles, post on the long article and a useful one.
4. Meta description and page title.
5. Meta description is the description of your page which will be displayed on search engine results. This should be informative, unique and up to 160 characters long. The best practice is to use your target keyword in the title and description to make it more relevant.

Title of the page is very important from the SEO point of view. The page title should represent what your content is all about.
1.Short and descriptive
2.It should include the keyword in the beginning or in the title.
3.Use of power words like ultimate, best, unique, etc is helpful

URL Optimization

Optimizing URL is also a very good SEO. URL optimization includes the structure of URL as well. There is a slug or permanent URL for each page. This URL is unique and should be less than 255 characters. It should be short, crisp and include your target keyword.


Each page of your website should have one H1 tag. If your page is well formatted with proper heading tags, it will increase the ranking of your page on Search Engine. Use a long tail heading and if possible include your keyword in heading.

Media and Images

Your media and images are the presentations on your website. This is to increase the readability of the page. Using Alt tag in a page is the must. This will give search engine an idea about your page and content. The file name saved should have a short description instead of image.jpg.


Linking to the pages of your website and other websites is very much important.

If you want readers to engage with your website, internal linking is the must. Readers will read one article and then will go to another one of your pages. However, if you have not linked to any page, readers will come and go. 
Some bloggers think that linking your page to external links will trigger Google penalty for them however this is not true. Linking your page with high quality and relevant websites will automatically increase your domain authority and page authority. Google uses an external link to understand the relevancy of your content.

Page Loading speed and mobile friendliness

Website speed is an important factor in the SEO. As a webmaster, it is your responsibility to ensure your website loads faster. A good website loading speed is good for customer retention and conversion.

About almost everything is mobile friendly now. A responsive and mobile friendly website is very important from SEO point of view.

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