Simple Steps to Find Who Unfriended You on Facebook

Facebook is the most used social networking site and the best way to stay connected with our friends, colleague and known. Facebook helps you creating friends and stay in touch with them. Being unfriended by a friend on Facebook is confusing and we even do not receive any notification for the same. It leaves so many questions behind and a bunch of frustration. There are a few ways to determine if you have been unfriended by a friend on Facebook Public and private Friends post When we talk about posts, Facebook posts are of two types: Public and Private, If your friends with someone on Facebook, you will be able to view their private posts.



Private posts are represented by a small icon of two people. Only friends can view the private post. If suddenly you cannot see the private post of your friend, chances are high that you are unfriended. If you can only view the public posts which are a small globe icon you are most probably unfriended. Confirm they have unfriended you The best way is to check your own friend list.

Facebook friendship is a two-way street and if someone has unfriended you that person will not be in your friend list. Go to your profile, locate friends section and tap on friends to view the complete list of friends. Search that friend’s name from the search box and if you do not find the friend in the list, they have unfriended you. If you do find your friend in the friend list, they haven’t removed you from the list. They are not just posting anything for a while. 

Another way is to check the profile of your friend on Facebook. This is somewhat the easiest way. If you are in doubt that your friend has removed you from your Facebook, simply check their profile. If you see “Add friend” option there, you both are not friends on Facebook and it is confirmed that they have removed you. Is unfriending and blocking same? Facebook is a place of friends. Removing someone or deleting someone is the same as unfriending someone from your list.

If someone has removed you from their friend list on Facebook it means they have unfriended you. You can still send a friend request to the person again or even a text message. Blocking is different!! If someone has blocked you from Facebook means they do not want to stay in touch with you on Facebook. You will not be able to view that person’s profile on Facebook and not even message that person. Being blocked means end of friendship on Facebook.

Reasons to unfriend

Your friendship with the person in real effects your friendship with the person on Facebook. If you guys ended your friendship in real, there is a high possibility that your friendship ended here as well. 

If they do not like your content, post on Facebook, your friends might unfriend you from their friend list.

If your Facebook name is not identical to your real name, there are chances that they have forgotten you and unfriended you. So, you can send a message to your person and remind them about your friendship.

I would suggest not to use these alias names like an angel, teddy, flower on Facebook. Keep your original identity on Facebook. Sometimes if you haven’t interacted with the person for so long you tend to unfriend the user as you do not feel like friends anymore. While redefining your list you remove the people you were not in touch with for so long.

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