What is Siri Shortcuts and How to Use them?

Apple launched a new updated version of Siri making it more powerful in iOS 12 and watch OS 5. This new feature let you automate some task over few commands. It makes Siri more interesting and effective. 



You can do a series of tasks with one voice command. Like, tell Siri that you are in a meeting and your assistant will set your phone to DND for a specific time and take care of other things like display and notifications. The shortcuts apps are available to download for iOS and watch OS 5. To start with Siri shortcut, you need to install the app first.

The shortcut appears the three places in your iOS device:
  • Suggestions
  • Siri app
  • Shortcuts app

What is shortcuts app?

The app can be downloaded easily from the app store. There is an entire set of templates or gallery for you to select and get started. You can build your own routines or shortcuts with just a few steps. It works based on “If This Then That”. This is the input-based program called recipe to give you an output. Tell Siri that you want a reminder to do something when you reach home. Siri will detect your location and will remind you when you will reach home.

The gallery view has so many suggestions which you just can add, and Siri will do that for you like adjusting brightness, heading home etc. You can also combine multiple shortcuts to create a workflow.

To create the shortcuts, follow below steps:
  • Open the app and go to the library
  • Create a new shortcut
  • Add actions in the editor
  • Test your shortcut

You can also explore the gallery for the templates and when you find one as per your requirement you can simply use it.

Shortcut suggestions

To get the shortcut suggestion you just have to use your phone. Based on your activities and recent apps uses, the system will show you suggestions. This might offer you to go to the last app used and complete something you left in middle. Siri will recognize your actions based on your habit and will automatically start helping you.

Custom voice commands

Once you have created shortcuts and actions, you can add voice commands for the shortcuts. You need to navigate to settings>> Siri >> Add custom voice commands.

Select your action you want to add voice command for and click on the plus icon. You will be taken to the pop up to enter the voice command. Siri will listen to the command and add it to the shortcut. Later on whenever you want to execute that action just speak louder and Siri will do that for you.

While speaking command you need to take care that your voice is clear and understandable. Siri will only recognize your voice and will perform the task if it will be clear. So, this all depends on how you speak with her.

Apple has launched pre-made shortcuts and so followed third-party developers. There are multiple third party shortcut applications available on play store for iPhone users. Some of them are:

  • Trainline
  • Pandora
  • Skyguide
  • Tile
  • City mapper
  • Weather channel
Apple is working on making Siri smarter day by day. The shortcuts app will make things easier for iPhone user with the smarter than before virtual assistant for them. There is a lot more in the shortcuts app which user can explore and learn as per their requirement. This is one of the underrated launches of Apple however it increased the user experience in iPhone.

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